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Sabre Pro Wireless True 2000hz update?

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I've been after this mouse for a long time as an XXL hand user and have held off since the 2000hz polling rate is imitated. I saw on reddit that there was an update on the way to enable true 2000hz wirelessly. Is that the case and has this been implemented yet? If not, when can I expect it to be? 2000hz wireless in an extra large handed mouse for my 270hz setup would be a dream come true. 

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Windows can't properly track anything over 500hz correctly. Windows 10 had an update that was in the alpha stage to allow for 1k hertz. That was over a year ago. I've find the whole article on blurbusters and post the url when I dig it up.

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This does get deep in the weeds - mouse 



We hope that an upcoming Windows 10 Update will remove both hardcoded values, including both the Pixel Clock limit, and the Refresh Rate limit of 512 Hz.

EDIT: Since this article was published, a source has reported that they were able to get 8K 120Hz functioning through various engineering hacks, as long as they were using the latest version of Windows. Three sources, have however confirmed the 512 Hz limit is being enforced by Microsoft Windows.



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