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I have 10 Corsair Fans in my Case. 6 of them are on an H150i Elite LCD AIO - 360mm Radiator in a Push-Pull-Setup. 3 as Intake on the Front of the Case and 1 as Outtake on the back. I've connected everything like described in the manual - to the USB-Ports on my Motherboard. The 6 Radiator Fans are connected to the Commander Core, that comes with the AIO-Cooler. For the other "4 Case-Fans" I've bought the "commander core xt" and connected it to another second USB-Port on my Mainboard. For the LCD-Display I've tried to use the USB- Split-/Multiplier-Cable that was delivered with the AIO Cooler to connect both, the Commander Core and the LCD to one UBS-Port. But then the LCD wasn't recognized by the icue Software, even if everything else, the rgb & fan power worked. My Gigabyte TRX40 Designare Mainboard has just 2 USB2.0 ports plus one on the Titan Ridge Addin-Card. An I even bought a USB-Port Multiplier. To cut a long story short: I've tried every different combination of Pluging the USB's in, but all the time just 2 of your devices are recognized by the icue Software, even though 3 are pluged in. All 3 devices are working, so that's not a Problem. I mean, the Fans are moving and the rgb's are lighting, but at one time I can just control 2 of them in the icue Software, because one isn't showing up, even though if it's working. I just thinking... Can it be, that your icue Software doesn't really like it, if some kind of hubs are between the devices and the motherboard??? Please try to solve this Problem, with the next Updates, because I really like your Product(s), but I also would like to be able to control all of my gear at once, in the Software.


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