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I lost my H115i settings

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Hello, I moved my PC to another PC Case and I needed to connect H115i USB connector to another motherboard connector, so it seems like iCUE redetected the H115i as a new device and called it "H115i Platinum (1)".

The problem is that I lost my lightning and cooling profiles and I'd like to recover my settings back.

I can see the references of my old profiles in the configurations xml files inside %appdata%\Corsair\iCUE4 folder.

What can I do?

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The (1) shows up when CUE thinks the device is a new or second device of the same type and so it does not apply the original settings to it in order to preserve  independent control.  You might be able to remove the (1) and get them back by doing the following.

1) Quit CUE from the task manager, along with Corsair.Service.

2) Go to the appdata/Corsair/CUE folder and then cut and paste config/cuecfg to the dekstop.  

3) Restart CUE.  


The (1) should be gone and the software may automatically reapply the original curves from the cooling config file in that location.  However, you are resetting the device configuration for every device connected and they all will need to be set up again.  It is likely less work to create your fan curves again, so the real goal with this should be to get rid of the irritating (1) and possible recovery of the lighting.  

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You'll be better off re-importing your profiles.  That should apply both lighting and fan curves.  

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