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Icue profiles not found

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I have these corsair components, some recently bought:
9 fans ql 120
H150i Elite Capellix
Ram Vengeance RGB Pro
The 9 fans are connected for the RGB to two Lighting Node Cores and for the speed control 3 are connected to the Commander Core of the h150i and the other 6 to the Commander Pro.
On the corsair site I saw that there are ICUE profiles for QLs such as PING, INFINITY or ROTARY and for VENGEANCE ICUE profiles such as TETRIS or HELIX.
These profiles in the ICUE software, I have version 4.20.169, I don't find them.
Where am I wrong? Where can I find the profiles listed above on ICUE?
Thank you

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On 2/16/2022 at 3:39 AM, Licio said:


These are presets for the QL fans.  They should appear in the Lighting Effects tab when you select the Lighting Node Core controller device.  


On 2/16/2022 at 3:39 AM, Licio said:


These are specific user created profiles.  They may or may not apply lighting to each device.  In order for a profile to work, it must be specifically programmed for that device.  Corsair released the LC100 Nano-RGB-triangles the other day.  No profiles on the website will light them up since all the profiles were written before they LC100 came into existence.  The same is true with those profiles on the Corsair site.   Unfortunately, they don't have published dates but newer equipment is not as likely to be programmed.  Your H150i Elite and Commander Core controller may be too new for some of those profiles.  

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