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Corsair Virtuoso RGB Wireless Dongle isn't connecting

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I have had the Virtusoso headset for about 9 months now with no issues, I use it on my desktop and also for my work laptop during the day, able to just swap the dongle around as and when.

Last week the desktop refused to recognise the dongle, and the dongle started flashing red, when checking icue, the wireless headset shows a red triangle and that the firmware is "?" The headset still works wired.


At first I figured it was a simple driver issue, so I have been going through these posts and tried to-

manually uninstall drivers and icue in various stages, still nothing.

re-pair the dongle to the headset, this just leaves it suck on "pairing" forever and doesn't actually work.



I have sent an rma request, but I use the headset for work and I really need a working solution asap. Using it wired isnt really practical.

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