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HS70 Pro audio problems

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I've been having issues with My HS70 Pro headphones. The problems usually starts when I take a break from gaming and the headphones powers of automatically after some time. When I power them back on I can no longer hear any audio. Only workaround is to disconnect the USB dongle and put it back on. 

Even though I can't hear any audio there is some kind of connection to computer because when I adjust the sidetone from iCUE I can hear it.

I was able to return the first pair and got a replacement product. It worked for about a week without problems but now I have the same issues again.

Has anybody experinced anything similar?

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No it does not. That was also the first thing that came to my mind. If I turn the auto shut down off and power the headphones off manually the audio doesn't usually work when I power them back on. The USB dongle is connected directly to the motherboard.

I have also tried to force update the firmware. It resolved the audio problem without having to reconnect the dongle but next time the headphones powered off the problems came back.

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