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Button Remap and Profile Switch on the same button


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Hi, recently I've been trying to remap a button onto a key on my strafe keyboard and my scimitar pro. I was wondering if there was a way to have a button that runs a remapped key press while also switching to a different profile, or if this is something that could be added or has already been added? 

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One of the keys will need to be using it's native function.  So you can make Page Up shift the profile and "retain original output".  Then in game settings remap Page Up to your desired game action.  Aside from that, you can't remap a key to perform two actions.


The other more complex possibility is a dual profile, dual key shift.  In profile A, Num Pad 0 shifts to Profile B.  In Profile B Num pad 0 zero performs the other required remap/action function.  Then you need a second key (Numpad Enter) to return you to Profile A.  Not sure if that is applicable for what you want to do.  

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