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H150i Elite LCD not recognized by iCUE

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I just got and installed my new H150i Elite LCD and I thought that it was working fine till I tried to open iCUE

When opening iCUE the AIO is recognised but within 2-5 seconds it disappears. Sometimes however, it will open then request for a firmware update but then will either disappear or fail (sometimes resulting in iCUE closing randomly)

One major problem I'm facing now is the fans aren't spinning (sometimes they come on but not always)

I've tried switching the USB, completely uninstalling and reinstalling iCUE (deleting all files and regedit files), repairing iCUE, removing the CORSAIR iCUE Commander Core device from devices in settings. Pretty much everything I could find online.

If anyone could help me that would be amazing.

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Here's a video of the issue: 

The software seems to crash randomly after a while too.

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Tu l'as branché sur le câble en Y fourni avec le WC ou en direct sur la carte mère ? 

J'avais eu un problème similaire, mais en le branchant en direct sur la carte mère, le problème s'est résolu. 

Bon courage. 

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I've tried both and unfortunately there's been no difference 😞

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