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Battery lifetime issue on Headset VITUOSO

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couple of weeks ago i have bought a new headset "VIRTUOSO". Now after some time i can see that after recharging the headset it takes about 30 minutes the first warning comes up "Battery low" and after around 5 further minutes "battery critical". If i connect the USD-C cable it takes 5 minutes to get the message "charg complete". I remove the USB-C cable and the story repeats.... Seems like an issue with the hardware battery or the software. I have tried to update the drivers which are now uptodate and reconnected the USB dongle. Any further ideas?

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Try a reset to disconnect the battery for the headset

To so reset your headset make sure your mic is plugged in:

1. Make sure your headset is currently unplugged.

2. Make sure your headset is powered on.

3. Hold the Mute button on the headset down for about 15 seconds.

4. Switch the headset to wired mode and then back to wireless mode.

Please reach out if issue continue.

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