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1000D front panel new build rgb lighting not working

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I've scoured the web and Zotty's post for clarification on how to wire the front panel lighting and power switch and still unable to wrap my head around it.


The issue is I have the sails working but the front panel power and resets don't work and the lighting won't change color around the ports either. I've tried plugging the female plug coming from behind the sails logo to one of the copro led channels with no change and connecting the power and resets to the mobo with no change there either. Is there a specific location this female plug needs to be connected to?

So before I purchase a new front panel switch is there anything I'm missing? Just to clarify the usb ports do have power, I'm just referring to the lighting of the front panel.

I'll upload pics and specs as soon as I can figure it out

Thanks for any assistance!



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Hi buddy....


for the wiring its..  from 1000D Commander Pro LED Channel 1 to the sails logo.. from the sails logo up to the front IO and then its Pass through hangs in the front of the case.


i assume you still have it connected this way?

 and you are trying to control them in the 'chassis lighting' tab in icue?


if so and you are having issues. contact support. most likely you need a new front IO.  should one LED in the chain fail. it can effect the following LEDS and as such they may light up wrong if at all.

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Thank you for your reply Zotty! Also thank you for all your contributions to the community without your diagrams I would've never attempted this build and got as far as I have!


As of right now after trying different combos I have nothing plugged into the female plug coming from behind the sails and nothing plugged into the other female plug at the top of the case.   I do have lights around the ports and they are assigned in the chassis lighting in Icue but they don't change colors and the power and reset buttons don't work either.


I was wanting to make sure I've exhausted all possible options before I ordered a new front panel.  The case was purchased secondhand on FB marketplace for a good price so I'll have to cover the cost out of pocket for a new front panel (no big deal). The original owner decided it was to complex for him and never started the build he purchased it for.


When I got it there wasn't anything plugged into the Led 1 channel on the copro like what's referenced in other posts I've seen so that kinda threw me off a bit, so that's where I plugged the long male connector from behind the sails logo and the sail logo is working properly. Do I use a dual male connector to connect the female from behind the sails to the female at the top of the case? That's where I'm getting lost.


Thank you again for any assistance!



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