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2 commander core xt could not change the fan rpm

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Hi i have two commander core xt to control 4 x LL120 and 6 x QL 120. The problem is I could not change the fan rpm at all even I could modify the color of them. Could you please help me this situation?

I have checked the version of both ICUE and commander core xt, they are all updated.


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There are two wires -- one for RGB and one for PWM power/control.  These always are separate functions om Corsair RGB fans.


First, not all fans or controllers are capable of executing a zero rpm state.  Change that to a fixed RPM or PWM % for a moment (50% or whatever) to see if the fans respond to that.  This is a better check for control capacity.  Second, you have set the control variable for your "zero RPM" curve to CPU Core #1 temp.  It's certainly possible your Core 1 doesn't spend much time below 46C and the very dynamic nature of that value makes it difficult for this type of control.  CPU temp is not a good control variable for most applications, except perhaps a small CPU air cooler where there is no choice.  You case fans would do better using either of the Temp probes you connected (best choice) or even the Motherboard temp sensor or GPU temp, either of which has a stronger connection to case internal ambient temperature.  Regardless, using CPU temp as the control variable with an abrupt or zero base curve may cause issues -- mostly really jumpy fans.  

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