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Corsair MP600 problem

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I have been using for the last 2 years the Corsair Force MP600 SSD and I was really happy with the SSD and its performance.

Recently we had a power outage in the area in the city I am located. After that the SSD stopped working. I tried to boot from the SSD but nothing. Then I opened the bios on my computer and I discovered that the SSD is not recognized by bios as Corsair MP600 as it was but suddenly the bios started writing Phison SSD E12. Does anybody know what happened?

Do you know how I can recover from this?

Below images from my bios can be seen.




Please, I would appreciate it too much if anybody has any idea of what is happening and if there is a way to make the bios recognize my SSD correctly.

Currently the SSD does not display in Windows or anywhere else. I have very important stuff in it and in no way I would like to lose them.

Any ideas or suggestions are welcomed.


Thank you very much.



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