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Hello everyone!


In my case i have a total of 10 Corsair LED Fans (7 QL120 and 3 ML120) and a AIO CPU Cooler, the H150i.


I purchased the Commander Pro too.

So my controllers right now are:

1x Commander Pro

2x Led controllers (came with the box inside the 3x QL120 bundle)

1x Led & Fan Controller (came with the box of H150i)


Whats the best way to connect them?


What i did so far is:


1) Connected 6 Fan headers + 6 Fan LED Controller headers to the Led & Fan Controller that came with H150i

2) I connected the the Led & Fan Controller to Commander Pro

3) I connected 4 Fan Controller headers to Commander Pro and 4 LED controller headers to the LED Controller.

4) I connected LED Controller to Commander Pro


and im left with 1 spare Led Controller



have i done everything correctly?



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2 hours ago, reystar said:

1) Connected 6 Fan headers + 6 Fan LED Controller headers to the Led & Fan Controller that came with H150i

Check.  This part is required since the pump gets power through the Commander Core 24 pin side cable.  


Everything else you have done is fine and it will work for both RGB and fan speed control.  There are several other ways to put it together, but not with the hardware in your possession.  An older "RGB Lighting Hub" (about the size of your thumb) would replace the Lighting Node Core from the QL fan box and connect directly to the Commander Pro "RGB LED port".  This reduces the device count by 1 and removes 1 more USB 2 connection.  If you have one of these around -- great.  However, those RGB Lighting Hubs are pretty hard to find now and you likely would need to scour eBay or other third party market.  List price is $10 USD, but market price is around $20.  Any more than that is crazy.  Aside from that, you have done everything in the best possible way with the gear in hand.  


There is one thing you may want to assess.  LED count is the basis for all fan RGB programming and a double sized ring fans with 34 LEDs (QL) will never look or behave like a fan with 8 center mounted LEDs (ML Elite from the AIO).  While the Commander Core from the AIO kit is a "smart controller" and will set the LED count based on whatever fans you connect, mixing QL and ML-Elite likely leads to less than perfect representation.  Those ML-E can't do all the ring effects.  You may want to consider putting 6 of the QL on the Lighting Node Core RGB controller so they act like a group.  That would then leave the 3 ML-E + 1 QL on the Commander Core.  This will allow the 6 QL to do all their sequential fan to fan effects like Gate, Infinity, etc.  However, the ultimate answer to this depends on fan location.  It may make perfect sense if you have 6 QL in the front and side spots and then the ML-E + QL in top and back (all grouped together).  If the arrangement is more complex or mixed, then it linking fans that are far apart in the case may not be as desirable.  

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