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Freezing RGB problem

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Hey guys,

I have this weird problem, where my GPU, my Motherboard and one and a half, sometimes two and a half LL Fans are stuck in a color and dont react anymore when I try to change the color or profile.


Sonetimes they recover after 30 minutes but sometimes they do not and I have to restart my PC

The build in option to restart ICUE Service does not help.

Somebody has this problem too or has any suggestions to solve it? 

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  • Corsair Employees

Do you have any other RGB software installed onto your system other than iCUE?  One thing you can try is reseating all the connectors in your system to make sure everything is making a secure connection.

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I only have Armoury Crate for my ASUS MB and GPU.

I did check and reseat the connectors too and just because I was curious I have removed the connector from fan #4 and #5 and put the connector from fan #5  into the hub #4, so I just have fan #5 left unconnected and put fan #4 on the fan hub connector from #5: result were, that the fan didnt lit up at all but as soon as I put it back both fans in their original position, the problem was the same, so fan #4 was reacting maybe to half of its leds and the other is dark, while fan #5 doesnt have light at all, because it was removed previously and fan #6 is still stuck in its effect.

Just some weird behaviour and i cant find a pattern why this happens.

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