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Vengance 3200 not start dual channel with Asus B660

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Hi, I just assembled a pc and it gives me ram problems.  

Mobo : Asus Prime B660 plus D4
CPU : Intel I5 12400F
Ram : Corsair Vengance 3200 16x2GB
GPU : Asus Geforce Rtx 2060
Alimentatore : Corsair 850W
SSD : 500GB Crucial

The problem as mentioned is with the ram, if I install only one module is ok, regardless of which one, if I put 2 modules in dual channel according to instructions the PC does not start, it remains black screen and does not even access the bios. I also tried all the other sockets with all the possible combinations and nothing, the qleds light of the RAM always turns on and does not start,
The bios is the last version.

So the problem could be that the mobo is not compatible or faulty?

Anyone have this combination of mobo and ram?

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I've been reading many threads about ram compatibility issues lately.

try to start your pc using one memory stick and test it with memtest to check for errors

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