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virtuoso xt won’t connect to my iphone

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I own Virtuoso XT headset for a month now and they won’t connect with any mobile devices via Bluetooth. I had a trial with different pair before I bought this and they were working. 
My phone doesn’t see the headset although they are in wireless mode and blinking red. My laptop found them once and was working perfectly, but then I decided to remove the device and try with my phone first. Now the bluetooth doesn’t show on any devide. Tried also with android. 
Soft reset also didnt helped. 

Can you advice my anything? 

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On 16.02.2022 at 19:28, Corsair Elito said:


Вы обновили свой iphone до последней версии?

Попробуйте включить и снова включить свой iphone и протестировать его еще раз. 

Моя гарнитура без проблем подключается к айфону, какой у вас айфон?

Hi! This problem is not solved so easily. You have some kind of problem with this headphone model.After the purchase, they quietly connected to my smartphone. But after trying to connect the headset to another smartphone, nothing happened. I had them replaced under warranty. But the new ones have the same defect! They connected with my smartphone out of the box, but they didn't connect with others. After removing the pairing on my smartphone, they no longer began to connect to it! The RMA 2004936616 application has been hanging for the second month and they can't help me! I don't want to pay for the replacement delivery to Russia for the second time (with sending a faulty sample to you and paying customs duty upon receipt of the replacement, I have already spent $ 60!). And where is the guarantee that the new headphones do not have the same problem? You have a serial marriage with Bluetooth on them. I asked your support service to solve the problem with the involvement of engineers. For the sake of interest, remove the connection on your smartphone and see if the headset wants to connect with at least some smartphone.

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On 2/16/2022 at 5:28 PM, Corsair Elito said:


Have you updated your iphone to the lastest update?

Try power cycling your iphone and test it once again. 

My headset connects to my iphone with no issue, what iphone do you have?

Yeah, my iPhone has the newest version, iOS15.4 so is my iPad and none of the devices sees the headset. I’ve tried numeros times and nothing. What other advise do you have for me?

Cause this is a little embarassing as I payed for the headset because of this feature…

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Hi  Justka,

Did it work previously, or have you not been able to connect to the device?

How are you putting the headset into pairing mode? What color is showing led?

Also, can you indicate which iphone, and ipad you have, thanks.

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