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XC7 + XD3 socket 1200 no RPM Pump

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Here is my XC7 + XD3 + Commander XT + RTX3080 gigabyte watercooling waterforcer system. (material of November 24, 2020 on amazon)

When we start the computer no error messages neither system nor in ICE, but we see and we hear that the pump does not start, on the other hand a light tic tic coming from the pump, the Windows starts to row and the T° of the processor to 100

I disconnect the fan controller from the commander, normally the pump should turn at its maximum not a noise. I remove all the cables and wait 1 hour. Still nothing. 

Thanks for your advice. 


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Contact Corsair Support through the main website. You’ll need to replace the pump and it’s clear the pump is not moving the water in the current state. 

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