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iCue 4 - RAM and GPU issues (RTX 3080 & Vengeance Pro)

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I recently went from iCue 3.38 to 4.9 to be able to control my RTX 3080 from the iCue software. I found a post that made this seem both easy and finally possible. I removed the previous version and got the current version and I have a new issue. Not only is my GPU still not showing up, now only one of my DIMMs is controllable. DIMM 2A is working fine but DIMM 2B is not lighting at all. 

The message I found direct from a Corsair rep said to go into settings and enable both SDK and plugins, however the SDK option is not visible in my settings.  The global quick select is also not setting everything to the same color (if I set to static purple #ff00fb, fans are all different colors.)

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