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Corsair CX 650m PSU going bad?

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Hello! Recently my PC started randomly shutting down during gaming. At first it was happening randomly, like after a few hours it just crashed, and restarted itelf again. I suspected something was overheating, so i started to monitor my temps, but seen nothing out of ordinary. Last 2 days the shutting down has gotten a lot worse, now every time i load up a game, PC shuts down after 15-30s. The same happened when i tried to banchmark my GPU with Furmark, to test its stability. 

When there is no load on the PC, it works, but as soon as i try to do something more demanding, it shuts down. Thats why i suspect PSU. I've opened a ticket with the support, but since then i noticed one more thing, when testing. When i opened one of the more demanding games i play (Hell let Loose), ive heared this weird electrical sound comnig from PSU area. Now im wondering if using this PSU is safe for the rest of the system, cos that sound got me worried.

Is it normal for PSUs to do such sounds? How can i make sure its the PSU, and nothing else?


System specs: Win 10 Pro 64bit, i5-10400, Asus Z490m Prime plus, Nvidia GTX 1050Ti, CX 650m 16GB of Crucial 3200MHz RAM


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