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HX1000 Powers on RGB on MB and RAM but nothing else works

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got a hx1000 just installed a few days ago, worked perfect for about 24 hours so I powered down to close up case and now PDS dead.

when I cleaned up case I routed and managed all cables, immediately after this power on case i hear two clicks from power supply, now only RAM and MB RGB work but nothing else, i checked every connection and flinging .sata unplugged but everything else where it should be.

Can someone let me know what the two clicks are? did i burn out PSU? is there any fuse or breaker i can reset


OR since MB and RAM light up does this mean PSU ok.


i swapped RAM and this did not help. Also jumped PSU and no fan turns on at all but i am not sure if this is due to no load 


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having lights on the motherboard doesn't mean the psu is fine.

I have replaced dead psu and there were lights on the motherboard and fans spinning.

the clicks you are talking about sounds like a kind of protection. maybe you shorted something moving the cables.

unfortunately I don't know about any fuse or protection reset. there are so many psu.

Have you tried "googling" around?

Let's wait for @c-attack  @LeDoyen @DevBiker

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yea could be something shorted. there could be one click from the fan self test, and one click from the short circuit protection.

I don't know how the PSU is managed internally but typically you have the AC to DC only doing 12V, and then the other voltages are DC to DC from 12V to 5, and 3.3.

I think the stand by 5V (5VSB) is a separate supply from that because it works with the PSU OFF.

So you have your motherboard lights from that rail, but the rest may be shorted somewhere.

I'd suggest you re-check all your connexions because something may have escaped you! maybe a thin wire got pinched somewhere. A common one is a misplaced internal USB cable on those motherboard USB2 headers with no guide for the plug (just pins sticking out). it's easy to miss them by a row and short the 5V.

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Are you using the power connectors that came with the PSU? You didn't use any cables from a different PSU did you? This is a common cause for these kinds of issues as well.

I agree with @LeDoyen - this sounds like short circuit protection kicking off. You mentioned that it was fine and then you "did cable management". So my guess is that you rearranged something while cable-managing and that's what made things go kaput.

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