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Three of four Corsair Vengeance 8GB modules stopped functioning.

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Been flawlessly running this build for two years, but the other day three of the four identical RAM modules installed (8GB Corsair Vengeance LPX DDR4 3200MHz) seem to have failed. I've reseated my CPU (i7-9700KF), updated my Bios (Aorus Z390 Pro), and done some extensive testing (RAM swapping and checking Bios for SPD Info).

I've determined that one of the sticks (#4) works well in all four slots, ruling out damaged RAM slots on the motherboard. Of the other three, two of them (#1 and #2) will cause the CPU/DRAM LED's on my motherboard to pulse, and the power to cycle endlessly while failing to boot. The last of them (#3) invokes a solid DRAM LED, power cycles once, and then just idles endlessly (DRAM stays lit).

I then tested them as Dual Channel, with the functional #4 module in RAM slots A1 and then A2 (while switching each of the other sticks from B1 to B2 accordingly.) Sticks #1 and #2 both booted, yet appeared in Bios SPD Info as having a capacity of -2147483648GB and 1Gbit of DRAM (while #4 shows 8GB and 8Gbit.) Stick #3 again caused a solid DRAM LED and failed to boot.

Has anyone got any insights or advice for me? I'm not terribly computer savvy, yet cannot see how all four slots would function with #4 if either the CPU or motherboard were damaged. Yet I also feel that it would be very odd for three of the sticks to become damaged from overheating (two of the sticks came with a Vengeance Airflow RAM cooler, which has always been present, and has never failed) or a power surge or short.


Thanks for reading!

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