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m65 pro sniper button not working?

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I recently purchased an M65 pro wired mouse as a replacement for my old m65 that had served its duty and since died, however I am now having an issue that started in the middle of me playing a game last night where my sniper button just does not register inputs. I have it bound to a key on my keyboard so that I can map it to things like crouch and abilities in games, and now it isn't working. I press the button, and nothing happens. I have updated the mouse firmware, the iCue software, unplugged it and plugged it back in, nothing will make it work again! If anyone knows a fix I've missed I would be endlessly thankful.

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The usual fix is to run a repair install of the program.  Settings -> Windows Apps list -> Corsair iCUE.  Select modify and follow the prompts.  


If it's still not working, test button function vs programming.  Unbind the remap and revert to native "DPI shift".  See if it works.  Put the bind back on and see if it will generate the remap key in the text field below.  (sniper=c and thus ccccccccccccccc when held).  

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