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Fans not detected in BIOS.

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I recently upgraded my CPU on a prebuilt Alienware Aurora R8 from an I5 to a I9-9900k and doing so I upgraded my fans to the Corsair H60 120mm Liquid cooling CPU fan, and my front fan to the ML120 Pro RGB 120mm mag lev fan. Everything was running fine for about a month after the initial install. Now for the past month I am getting beep codes ~50% of the time on start up. I ran the diagnostic in the BIOS and the only things that failed were the fans. However, they do seem to be working, as I can see the front fan spinning. If it helps my MOBO is an 1151 chipset from the Alienware proprietary hardware. 

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Since even the fan connectors on Alienware PCs tend to be non-standard proprietary stuff, it's likely giving off the standard warning that there is nothing connected to the specific header tied to the warning.  Beep codes are an element of the BIOS and unless someone else here has a R8 or similar generation setup, we won't know what it means.  Beep codes are a bit irritating, but there should be a table in your manual telling you what the specific sequence means.  

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