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Void RGB elite wireless headset will not turn off when pressing power button

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My boyfriend bought me the Void rgb elite wireless headset during the last holidays and I recently encountered an issue where the headset will remain on when I try to power it off. 

To try to troubleshoot it, I looked at the forum and some threads mentioned to force a firmware update, which I did but afterward it wouldn't turn on. I thought that maybe it had ran out of battery due to being on for a while before I tried the firmware update, so I left it plugged for a few days and used my old wired headset. After a few days of checking once in a while if it was powering on, I tried to force another firmware update and now the headset is on, but will not power off again... and it doesn't play any audio aside from the voice prompts (that I enabled to have a better idea of what's going on). This is a bit frustrating, as I bought that headset in replacement of another wireless one with which I had many troubles too. 

Any ideas?

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