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K63 Keyboard Dead After Recommend Firmware Update!

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As the title suggests, my previously working £100 keyboard is now lifeless after performing a recommended firmware update via icue!

Before I started the update I made sure to fully charge the keyboard. The update itself actually completed, however the software asked my to complete one more step - unplug the keyboard and dongle before reinserting, which I did! As soon as I removed the usb wire the keyboard stopped responding. 

Now the keyboard no longer shows up as a device. I am unable to see any signs of life, no backlight or charge light. I’ve tried using the reset pin to no avail too.

There’s many reports of the icue firmware bricking accessory’s with little advice how to remedy.

Hopefully somebody here will know how to solve but I’m really disappointed with Corsair at this point - typically I’m out of warranty too! … though hopefully Corsair will honour a repair as a goodwill gesture, given the circumstances.




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