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Corsair Capellix H150 Elite Cycling Issues

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I have a Corsair Capellix H150 Elite that is cycling, going from max pump speed to 0 every second. I have it connected to a ROG Strix B550E Motherboard with a 5800x processor. The Tach wire is hooked to the motherboard in the AIO slot and the USB is connected directly to the Motherboard. Its throwing warnings that the AIO is in Fail Safe Mode, usually twice, but the thermals are reading in the 40 C -ish, but the processor is saying 60 C while gaming. The fans connected to the Command hub with the AIO stop spinning, it almost seems like there is a weird clash of software and sensors that are messing up. To be fair when I ordered the Capellix a year ago the face plates were cracked, so it could have been beaten up in shipment and the pump issue is just now making itself known. There is a bit of a whine from the pump and I have moved the Radiator to the top of the case (5000x Case), where it had previously been on the side, but with the Pump and CPU cooler bellow the top of the radiator to allow for proper flow.

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42 minutes ago, Eclipse Umbra said:

it almost seems like there is a weird clash of software and sensors

That is the more common culprit than physical failure. Make sure you are not running HWiNFO, AIDA, or any other full spectrum monitoring software that polls the Commander Core. This usually results in loss of fan control, garbage or impossible data values, and UI elements may simply disappear from cue. 

If none of those things are happening, then it very well may be a physical issue. Start a support ticket with Corsair from the main website. There is nothing you can do to make the pump cycle like that, so if it’s not software conflict it will be a hardware swap that’s needed. 

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