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iCUE Software ignores devices existence.

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OK, been dealing with this issue a while now but it's been even more annoying now that I've added a corsair headset to my setup. All I really have connected is Some Corsair Vengeance RGB RAM Modules, and a Void Elite Wireless Headset. My issue is that the iCUE software completely ignores my devices after I shutdown my computer and turn it on later. No devices show up in iCUE, unplugging the headset dongle and plugging it back in, in the same or a different USB port doesn't make the software see it either. When All I had was the ram modules this wasn't so big of a deal, as I had the ram set to the color I wanted and that was that, but iCue handles the EQ and 7.1 Surround features of the headset, and I would like to be able to use those features.

I've searched for possible fixes, including delaying the automatic startup of the corsair service, completely clean installing the corsair software, "Repairing" the installation etc. And reinstalling/repairing the software works until I turn off my computer. Once I turn it back on later, again the software doesn't see any of the devices.

I am updated to the current version of iCUE 4.20.169 and running on Windows 11, but the issue was still present on windows 10.

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