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K70 RGB Mk.2 firmware update hangs at 0%

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OS: macOS Monterey 12.3

iCUE: 4.20.169

Hardware: Apple MacBook Air 2015

I've been posting in other threads about the pain that is iCUE on macOS (slow launch, slow device detection and/or devices don't detect in a hub, excessive memory use, app icon stays in dock) but this one is new.  I just added the K70 yesterday and it has been challenging (cannot clear profiles, cannot save profiles, update checks fail/hang, lighting scheme does not update, etc), but this one is new.  After a reboot iCUE prompted for a firmware update al by itself, but now just sits there with the progress bar not moving telling me not to unplug the device or restart the software. 


It would be so nice to be able to complete the setup of this keyboard and use it effectively.  Would also be nice if I could use the keyboard and/or wireless dongle NOT directly connected to the Mac so I can hook up my hub and use all my other USB devices...

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