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Connecting multiple (+12) RGB fans

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I would appreciate some suggestions / guidance on the *best* approach to connecting the 13 Corsair RGB fans in my case (Corsair 1000D). I have two Corsair Commander Pros and two lighting node pros but nothing is connected yet. My motherboard is an ASUS MAXIMUS Z690 Extreme. Hopefully someone here can suggest the best (optimal) connections. I hope to use iCUE to control the RGB devices. In addition to the fans, I also have Corsair Dominator RGB Platinum RAM and the H170i LCD Cooler (AIO).  Thanks for the help!  

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Please visit our friend and mentor, Zotty, who created a 1000D build log and shared it here on the forum.
He includes wiring diagrams and hardware wireframes with additional details that will make your 1kD build much easier to plan. I'm living proof of this.
Also join us on Discord if you get the chance. You'll find a massive amount of knowledge there. I just started my own v1.5 1kD to v2.0 journey this week and will be sharing it there as I go through the weeks long process I am about to begin...


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