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is there something wrong with my fans?

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it could be a dead green die in the LED chip.

you can try that by setting them to the 3 pure primary colors one by one and look for dim spots (LEDS that are off).

if you try green and see one is off, you'll know.

You can also try a slow RGB cycle and look if those spots stand out by missing a color.

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Contact Corsair Support through the main website to initiate the warranty claim and replacement.  If these are QL fans, it is a known issue.  

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it usually happens when using a lot of white lighting, basically when the LEDs heat up. it's more rare when using colored effects. that said yellow is basically red and green at full power but it shouldn't happen..

if the fans are still under warranty you could see with the reseller, like amazon, or directly with Corsair support (link at the bottom of the page)

they say :


  • ML Series products have a 5-year warranty
  • Air Series products have a 2-year warranty
  • All fan products have a 2-year warranty
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