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K100 Control Wheel - problem using Macros created with the wheel

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So far the only actually useful function of the K100 Control Wheel I have found is very quickly creating Macros. I have however the following problem:

If I create a Macro within iCue under the "Key Assignments" section and assign it to a G1-G6 Key, it works perfectly fine and the Macro runs when the assigned key is hit.
If I create a Macro with the Control Wheel it is automatically saved in the "Hardware Key Assignments" section and assigned to a selected G1-G6 key. It does NOTHING when I use the assigned key.

Any pointers? It seems like I can not use any macros I quickly create with the Control Wheel... so what is the point???

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  • Corsair Employees

When you record a macro utilizing the macro recording feature of the K100 RGB control wheel, it is intended and behaving correctly when it records those actions to the onboard hardware profiles. If you wish to record/setup macros for use when the iCUE software is open you will have to do so from inside the iCUE software itself with the Key Assignments option selected, and in the software directly.

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  • 3 months later...

I am very confused by this answer.
It is very different from the contents of the K100 product manual.
See page 3 of this manual.

It says:
(When using the wheel to record macros instantly) "Macros can be recorded to the onboard storage profile at any time via onboard commands, and in software mode macros are recorded to the iCUE profile."

I bought the K100 because I wanted to use this feature. It seems to be an officially recognized feature.

Your answer denies it. I think it's very strange.

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