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Unable to even install iCue - Installer Crash

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I have an AMD system with a Ryzen 2600X and a Aorus B450 M motherboard.
Running the icue4 installer freshly downloaded from the corsair website results in an immediate crash right after pressing "next" for the first time (ie it opens, asks to select language which is on english, hit next, straight crash to desktop) with zero errors or other notifications as to why it even crashed.

I've tried updating everything on the PC (Windows 10, Mobo Bios, Mobo drivers, i tried selecting PCI-e Gen3), it still crashes at the same point every time. 
I tried running as admin also.

I'm at a loss, what do i even do now? Does anyone have any direction or steps i could possibly take?

The only hardware i have is a Corsair Spec Omega case with a Core controller and a couple fans aswell as some perhiperals (Mount, K70 keyboard and some brand new Virtuoso headphones).

Cheers all!

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