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Help! Lightning node core setup

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I have an Icue 220T RGB case that came w/ 3 pre-installed SP120 RGB PRO fans. I purchased another 3pack of the same fans (same SP120 RGB PRO). I am using the lightning node core that came with the 3 pack (and not the node that came w/ the case pre-installed).  So all 6 RGB fans are the SAME and plugged in series into the lightning node core.  Now, in ICUE software v4, during LIGHTING setup, if I select "SP RGB SERIES FAN" x 6 fans, the correct LEDs or lighting effects do not work. I have to choose "QL RGB series" in order for all 6 fans' LED to work correctly.  Why is this happening?

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Because you don’t have “SP-RGB fans”. Those were the original first full RGB fan from Corsair with 4 center mounted LEDs. They are out of production and not compatible with other Corsair RGB fans. When you this and it’s not SP-RGB on the other end you get no lights because it’s expecting something else on the other end. 

Your SP-Pro are part of a group of fans that should be set as “8 LED fan series”. The SP-Pro, SP-Elite, and ML-Elite (AIO and retail) all have 8 center mounted LEDs and can used in combination together. In CUE 3 the descriptor for the 8 LED fan named the members of the group making it easier for new users to choose the correct one. That disappeared in CUE 4 and this is a common error for users who don’t realize how critical these Pro, XT, Elite modifiers are to product functionality and design. The LED count for the fan is the key for all programming. The QL work because it’s generating 34 x 6 LEDs, but things will work correctly when it’s set to 8 LEDs x 6. Not your fault and this is a clear path to error. 

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