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Programing K100 RGB Optical Control Wheel For F-1 - F-12

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Been trying to program the control wheel to scroll thru f1 - f12 and having no luck.

I would like to "per control wheel click" to move thru the f-keys, turning clockwise go thru f-1 - f-12 and stopping where i stop and if i over shoot the key being able to turn counter clockwise and go back from where i was.

IE: I want f-4, i turn wheel clockwise 5 times over shooting the key and turn counter clockwise 1 time to get there.

Is there an option like that? and if not when will it be able to be implemented on icue?

Because alot of games use the f-keys for selection purposes.

I mean if this is a gamers keyboard that should have been pre-programmed like media was....

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