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H150i Pro Pump does not work

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Setup: Gigabyte Aorus z370 Gaming 7, Corsair commander Pro, Corsair lightning node core, 6 ql120 fans.

The Fans are connected to the commander pro and her Rgb to the lighning node core pro. They work fine, i can controll their speed. But it allows me just up to 60°. I cannot go further than 60°.. Why? My Cpu is heavy overclocked and goes up to 70-80°.. 

But the real problem is the H150i Pro's pump, i just can choose between silent, balanced and Extreme. The Problem: In the Silent mode its at 2000rpm which is much to loud.. There is an Firmwareupdate for h150, but when i download it, the h150 disappears from the icue software (and also from the Link software)

How can i fix this, respectively how can i controll the speed of the Pump, as i do it for the fans, and how can i set the max temp to 90°?

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If you talk of the AIO fan speeds, the control temp is the water temperature, not the CPU temp. 

At 60°C your AIO is massively overheating 🙂

Water usually should max at around ~45 - ish °C

Under heavy load the CPU will be ~30°C above that, so you can make your own fan curve based on water temp with like a base temperature a few degrees above your ambient temp (lets say 25°C lowest speed) , and a maximum fan speed around 45° to start with. That should give a good starting point to fine tune.

The default iCUE curves (quiet balanced and extreme) are.. strange.. It's better to make your own.

And I believe using the old Link along with iCUE is a recipe for conflicts...

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Are you sure you have a H150i Pro?  That series AIO had a special “quiet” mode at 1100 rpm that is unnoticeable at the desktop (it’s purpose) but a bit slow for extended load. Corsair models have lots of modifiers to the base name like XT, Platinum, Elite, all of which can denote a very different product. This sound a bit more like the XT line that has a different pump and manufacturing partner. On that model 2000 rpm is the lowest pump speed for performance reasons. 

As mentioned above, fan speed is related to coolant/liquid temperature. That’s what the fans do — remove heat from the liquid. The cpu is cooled by conducting heat away via the cold plate. All CPUs are cooler this way, it’s what you do with the heat after that distinguishes one cooling method from another. Larger water cooling like your 360mm radiator do not need to be reactive to cpu temp. If the coolant temp does not increase, then you can’t make the cpu cooler with more fan speed. The increase in the coolant temp shows the increase in waste heat. +1C to coolant temp = +1C to CPU temp, so changes are slow and gradual. The fans can respond the same way. 

Even if you have a Commander Pro, the radiator fans need to be on the H150i XT’s splitter to the pump. It can read the coolant temp at all times, software running or not. This is a safety feature but also will keep you at quiet speeds. When you quit the software, the Commander can’t get the control data and the fans are going to ramp up. You also need to set up an appropriate control curve for the rest of the case fans. The default presets for the Commander are not usable and don’t mean the same thing as the AIO presets. However, I would like to know how the case is set up before making a recommendation. 

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Acually yes, i have a h150i pro, not xt, not anything else.

Since i've changed the sensor for the h150i pros fans to the aio liquid the fans are running as i want them to run. But the Problem that i can't change the mode of the pump is pretty annoying. I can just choose between the 3 options "silent, balanced, intens" which are infact just fixed rpm modes. Maybe this Problem would be solved with updating the firmware of the 150i pro, but if i do so, the pump disapears from iCue and the fans go airplane. But Maybe i'm doing something wrong: Is there anything special i have to do to create my own rpm curve for the aio? Because when i make a new profile, i can just use it for the fans.


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OK, so H150i Pro.  Yes, it has three fixed pump speeds.

Quiet ~1100 rpm, Balanced ~2160 rpm, Extreme 2750-2800 rpm.  In some other language packs the translation changes for those words, but those presets are effectively a low, medium, high switch.  


I am a bit concerned the medium 2100 rpm speed is perceived as loud.  On that specific model, users never reported it as such.  That in combination with the firmware update fail makes me wonder if something is wrong.  I also can't recall people having issues with switching pump speeds.  When attempting to update the firmware, it is normal for the fans to max out when the reload starts and the cooler drops from the software.  However, this should complete in 5 seconds or so.  Make sure you are not running aggressive anti-virus or other monitoring/RGB software control programs during the attempted firmware flash.  The other program may try to grab control as CUE tries to bring the device back after the load.  


You are running Corsair Link?  Do you have any reason to do that?  There isn't much left in the world that needs that software and it has been out of maintenance for at least 4-5 years.  Are you using CUE 3 or 4?  Can  you post a screen shot of the H150i Pro cooling tab showing the pump and fan speeds?

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guys, a help: my bomb is working fine even too much. i don't use iCUE, I'll just put everything in the bios for maximum speed. and the AIO pump displays 5,400rpm. Help!

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