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Corsair Virtuoso RGB is not good ?

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I bought the Corsair Virtuoso RGB on amazon at 287.43$ to replace my seinheizer game one, which still works very well, i needed a change. 

I wanted a premium wireless headphones, oh boy i was ready to pay good money to have good quality.

To my surprise, the sound in wireless mode is so bad it looks like it's a bad joke that corsair is trying to play on us. So i try to do some research online to find out what is wrong with my headset. Hey I may have received broken headphones, who knows ?

So I downloaded Icue, trying to ******** around in the equalizer. I found some eq setup and tried them. Still no progress are made. I continued my search and then i came across a post that corsair users can use Atmos for free to get better sound performance.

I'm trying to connect to Atmos. It does not work, it doesn't recognize my headphones and i have to pay the subscription.I  tried to see if i had a redeem code for Atmos but nothing. I believe in the Virtuoso line this is only the SE model that can use it. *Correct me if i'm wrong.

After more research, I came to the conclusion that I was not the only one to find that the Virtuoso were just not good. In wireless mode i think they cap at 24 bit 48000 hz. Damn it sounds bad.

And it hit me. I can use them in wire mode. Now they are in wire mode with spatiale sounds on. The sounds quality is much better now,(not as good for 287.43$ headset) still sounds a bit muffled. I run these headset at 24 bit 96000hz when they are plugged in.

Is there something out there that can uncap the wireless mode to have the same performance as the wire mode ? 


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