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Apologies if this is in the wrong section.

I am putting together a build, and want to control all RGB through iCue. i've got 3 QL120 fans, a QL140 fan, two EKWB reservoirs with RGB, a GPU block with RGB, and a CPU block with RGB, as well as some corsair LED strips. I have a Commander Pro and a corsair RGB Hub

My intention was to make custom sleeved cables for any exposed RGB cables (so, all QL fans, CPU and GPU block). 

I've poured over a lot of posts in various sections here, and other places online, but i'm new to doing custom work, and am feeling a little overwhelmed. Assuming I can find/confirm the pinouts for all the 3rd party AGRB, can this all be custom made to match Corsairs connections? I saw a few places that mentioned that a 3-pin ARGB out from a GPU block for example, could only be connected to one of the 3-pin LED channels on the Commander, and NOT one of the 6 ports on the RGB hub. Is this correct? I'm a little confused by some of the diagrams i've seen, and differentiating between the 3pin and 4pin RGB ports, data in/data out. 


The issue, is that I don't have enough RGB ports for all my components. 4 QL fans, LED strips (i should be able to daisy chain these and only use one LED channel on the CoPro), plus 4 other RGB. Could I in fact, remove the connector from a GPU block 3 pin female ARGB connector, solder wires to the desired length, and add a 4-pin dupont connector, into the RGB hub? I've seen some posts by Zotty/DevBiker and a few others making adapter -extensions-, but ideally i don't want any connectors in the middle, since i'm sleeving myself. If connecting to the ports on the RGb hub isn't possible for the 3rd party components isn't possible. could i split one channel to the remaining components? per one of DevBiker's responses, a single LED channel can support 96 LEDs. If i'm under that count for all 4 components (2x res, gpu block, cpu block) would that be doable? I realize iCue would see all 4 as one single strip essentially right? i'm not super concerned with crazy patterns or flashing or anything synced up. probably just slow color change pattern, or solid color across the board. 

As an example, this is one of the products i'd like to control: https://www.formulamod.com/barrow-3070-gpu-water-block-for-zotac-geforce-rtx-3070-x-gaming-oc-full-cover-argb-gpu-cooler-bs-zoxg3070-pa-p3425988.html

Here is another: https://www.ekwb.com/shop/ek-quantum-velocity-d-rgb-nickel-plexi

Additionally (if this is feasible in the first place), could i do a splitter, to, for example, control both EKWB reservoirs' RGB from one header on the hub? I suppose I'd have to figure out the total amp draw and make sure i'm not going over the rated limit for the hub (4.5a, is that correct? for a SATA connection? How would i figure that out? an estimate of total LED count?)

Thanks in advance. I know there are a lot of topics covering this is detail, but it's hard to find results that apply to every exact scenario. 

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