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Corsair NFT Partnership?


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I did some digging and all i could find was a verified "Fanpage" Corsair Facebook Account that claims that this is true.



The said NFT Game promotes his game intensely on Twitter and Telegram using Corsair in their advertising:



I have seen 2 previous posts about exactly this question. Why are official employees dodging the question instead of giving a dedicated answer?


Apparently they cannot comment on partnerships that haven't been officially announced, but this is 100% not the case here. The first post in this forum was on the 5th November and the second one on the 15th December, while the announcemend on the vietnam channels was posted on the 25th October.

I really don't see what is so hard with giving an answer to this simple question. If this will get the same copy/paste answer that doesn't clarify anyhting at all it'd be the longest time supporting a brand that leaves their customer in the dark an probably tolerating fraud that is executed under their name.

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