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virtuoso rgb wireless USB stick Causing internet to slow down

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I just bought these headphones and the USB stick that allows wireless connection to my PC causes any and all internet connections to ether fail or slow down to a crawl.

My connection is being handled by another USB stick, please help.

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  • Corsair Employees

If your wireless device is having issues with connection or latency, the most common cause is interference. You can reduce wireless interference by taking the following steps.

Reduce the distance between the device and its transmitter

The less distance the wireless signal travels, the less interference can affect it. Here are some setups to best position your USB dongle for closing the gap:

Try a closer USB port on your computer, such as on the front panel
Use the USB cable adapter with the included USB cable as an extension
Other peripherals may have USB pass-through ports which may be closer to your device

Keep sources of interference away from your device

Interference is typically caused by other electronics, so increasing the distance between these and your Corsair product may improve performance. Here are examples of devices that may cause interference:

Other USB wireless devices
Wireless networking equipment like routers or hotspots
USB storage devices and flash drives

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