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Best ram recommended for my system


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I was looking to upgrade my ram and wanted to know what corsair is best recommened for my system.


I'm running:

Intel D865PERLX

P4 3.0 800fsb

2x 512 PC2100


I know I need to upgrade to PC3200 and that will make a big difference, but I want to know witch you would recommend. Also I really have no intrest in overclocking, I would just like to get my system running at max potential in this area. Thank you :)

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Thank you for the response, I looked it up and my board only supports 2.5 volts so it looks like I'm going to go with VS1GBKIT400


Hopefully this will fix the laggy issues I am having when playing World of Warcraft and other high end games and programs.


Again thanx for the help :)

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