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Discord Delay With Corsair HS60 Surround

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I have seen this as an issue amongst other threads on corsair and discords side, but I still don't see any fix, nor anything from any time recently. I just started having the issue where the discord activity sounds (mute/unmute, join/disconnect, etc.) have a 2-5 second delay from the time I click the button to it actually pushing sound through my headset. I have narrowed it down to being an issue with something on corsairs side, as the headset plugged in using its 3.5mm cable works just fine, but as soon as I put it into the usb adapter that was included with the headset, it goes right back to the stupid delay. I can't find anything specifically about this headset, nor any information from more recent times... For right now I have the compatibility mode work around through discord running, and it's just fine, but it's annoying to me that this is still an issue given some of the other threads I have seen go back to 2019. If anyone has any ideas or a more permanent solution, please let me know.

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Hi NickRiffe,

I assume you've updated the headset to the latest firmware?

Try resetting the headset?

Do any other applications have similar delays in certain activities?

If the above doesn't fix it for you, open a ticket with our support team and see if there is a solution. I will log this report in with my team as well.

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