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[Bug Report] iCUE 4.20.169 Doesn't allow mapping sniper button to middle click

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I'm unable to map the sniper button on my M65 PRO RGB mouse to middle click because the option no longer exists. I previously could before updating from some version of iCUE 2.

Steps to recreate:
 - Open iCUE v 4.20.169
 - Select m65 PRO RGB mouse
 - Select Key Assignments
 - Add assignment
 - Select "Mouse" under "Remap"
 - Click into the box under "Key" and press the sniper button
 - Observe under "Remap: Mouse" that there is no option for middle click.
    - There are options for scroll up, and scroll down, but this is not sufficient.

In the name of thoroughness, here is the full list of options I can select as the remapped key for my sniper button:
Back Button
Forward Button
Scroll Up
Scroll Down
Tilt Left
Title Right
DPI Down
DPI Toggle
Left Double Click

Also of note: If I press the scroll wheel as a button (middle click) instead of pressing the sniper button as the button to be remapped, I can map the middle click to sniper. Ironic.

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Can you post a screen shot of the key assignment page for the mouse?  I am able to do this, but possible there is a version specific difference.


Screenshot (254).png

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