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Weird fan rgb behaviour

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Some time ago I bought the 680x case as well as 3 extra LL120 fans and 4 LED strips to go with it. After installing everything all was good, not a sniff in the air.

Until today where I power on my pc and notice that the three fans that didn't come with the case weren't lighting up anymore. I figured it must be a glitch, however that was not the case. I changed the RGB hub for another one I had but the problem persists. Swapping the fans from slots 1-3 and 4-6 around gives me light on all fans but one outer ring. All fans are properly detected by iCue but for some reason I cannot get the last one to work properly anymore. It's not the fans nor is it the hub. Could be the Commander but that kinda dismisses the fact that the fans do give light when swapped to different slots. Power problem maybe?

Anyone have any idea what the reason for this weird behaviiour could be?

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The fans are serial on most Corsair controllers (Commander Core and XT excluded).  One of your fans has a problem and it will knock out or adversely afffect the lights downstream of the break/malfunction in the LED string.  You can confirm the last fan is the origin by moving it to #1 (all fans after should drop out) and then to #6 (all fans before should work).  If you are still in the warranty period, contact Corsair Support for a replacement.  

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That would be the case if the fan was in slot 6 but it isn't. it's in slot 4. All fans are working correctly apart from the one that has the outer loop not working. When I only connect fans 1-3 (came with the case) they all work, when I only connect fans 4-6 (bought seperately) they all work, no matter the order I put them in, I even mixed and matched. Will do some more testing tomorrow but it's definitely strange

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Similar - sort of - issue.  Has to be power output on the Commander Core. Every time i launch a more demanding game title 2 of my 4 fans attached to the Commander Core LEDs go out. They come right back on when the game session terminates. No other issues so I haven't really dug into it that deep. Have to wonder if the LED's from the XD3 Pump or the XC5 block are drawing more power than the commander core can output. 

Rig setup is as recommended and only Corsair components: Corsair Crystal 240 - RM850i psu

2 x 120mm Rad fans LL120  - 1 x Front Intake fan LL140 - 1 x Front Intake fan LL120 - XD3 Pump - XC5 CPU Block - connected to Commander Core

2 x 140mm Low intake DeepCool  fans connected to MB



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31 minutes ago, MMKGraphx said:

Have to wonder if the LED's from the XD3 Pump or the XC5 block are drawing more power than the commander core can output.

Take a look at the 5v rail in CUE for the Commander Pro.  What you have is a common combination, so it would be surprising, but some PSUs are weak on the 5v current.  You could test by setting full white across the board (scenes are good for this) and see how much it drops.   Since it happens when gaming and there is no reason the 5v load should increase during that time, I wonder if there is a general PSU load issue.  Certainly your 12v power would  go up quite a bit, but it's hard to imagine the 850i can't manage what is listed your specs.  

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