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Virtuoso SE Headset Issues

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I recently lost my Virtuoso Dongle and got a replacement. When I used my Headset via Wired mode in the interim it had constant issues, would cut off audio, I needed to un/replug it in each time I used it. (I use it for work and this is for Teams meetings, VOIP Phone calls, etc.)

When I recieved my replacement Dongle, I went to pair them and It wouldn't pair. It acted like it couldn't detect that the headset was in USB Mode. It would detect it was plugged in, but the, "Switch the headset to the USB Mode" message never went away, and the Finish button never lit up. I checked Firmware versions and my headset firmware cannot be found. It shows V. ? in the iCUE update checker, and on the device it shows Unavailable, and a red power icon for Power indicator unavailable. Also, forcing a firmware update is not showing as an option anywhere I see.


iCUE software 4.20.169

Virtuoso SE Wireless Recieved Firmware: v. 0.16.80 - No New Updates

Virtuoso SE Headset Firmware: V. ? and battery Status Unavailable

Please Assist.

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Update, I realized part of my Issue is I have the Virtuoso headset and an SE dongle. The iCUE was detecting the settings of the old headset this dongle was previously paired with, and not my current work headset. I then realised my headset wasn't being detected at all. I downgraded my iCUE to Version 3.38.88. My heasdset is now detected, But still has a firmware error. I have a red warning triangle and red power button. Firmware still shows as v. ? I can tell it to update firmware and it loads v. 0.17.149 to 100% then sits there for about 5 minutes. I was wearing the headset initially and I heard it chime at completion. But at the end I still have the warning signs and my previuous issues with wired connection quality issues.

Virtuoso Headset (NOT SE) Firmware V. ? (But probably 0.17.149 at this point)

iCUE Software: 3.38.88

Patience: 75%

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Ok, I am really confused. I looked at my order from Amazon, because I had thought I had ordered an SE. I did. I ordered and received "Corsair CA-9011180-NA Virtuoso RGB Wireless Se Gaming Headset - High-Fidelity 7.1"

iCUE 4 doesn't see it at all.

iCUE 3 sees it as a regular Virtuoso, but this explains MAYBE why the firmware update has issues.

I think my best step forward would be to manually load the correct Firmware into the device.

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