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Software version 0.15 is not good enough for Corsair Void Pro Wireless and shouldn't be considered final.

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I've had this headset for 2 years now and in this time, I've never had a Firmware update and have the same issues on whichever version of iCue I happen to be on. 


In short;


  • The headset doesn't properly detect audio and sometimes plays the "I'm going to auto-shut off soon" beep, while I'm watching a movie or game. I have to flick the mic boom down and up again to reset it, but after 10 minutes or so, it does it again.
  • The worst issue is that the headset just doesn't turn off when the PC turns off. This happens about 40% of the time I switch my PC off. I have no idea why when iCue closes, it doesn't send a "shutdown" signal to the headset. 
  • Sometimes the headset won't properly connect and you have to kind of erratically raise and lower the mic to force it to look for an audio transmitter


It also seems like long-standing iCue issues such as preventing the PC from sleeping also go totally unfixed across iCue 3/4... Such a shame.

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Today I charged my headset in the morning, and it's now on 16% - not because the battery is past its prime, but because I've told my PC to shut off twice today and twice the headset has remained on, with the RGB lights spinning, draining my battery. 


Why is it that the shutdown signal from iCue does nothing to instruct the headset to turn off.

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  • Corsair Employees

If you want to auto-shutdown feature to work then the iCUE software has to be running. Shutting down your PC closes the iCUE software meaning the auto-shutdown feature of iCUE is no longer going to trigger and you would need to manually turn off your headset.

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