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H115i Pro Fans not detected by ICUE

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I just built a new pc, with several corsair peripherals. The point is that i cant make the H115iPro Fans to be detected by it. Meaning that currently, they are spinning but with not lights up.


Altought the fans are not detected, the PUMP from the watercooler is deteceted and manegable by ICUE. I tried few steps such as:


1) Confirmed that all cables are connected (Two 4 Pins connectors, SATA, CPU_FAN and the USB).

2) Updated ICUE to the most updated version.

3) Used the function to reset ICUE under settings

4)Disabled GHUB startup for potential software conflict.


I exhausted all info i found in the internet, so any help will be appreciated.



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Unfortunately the H115i Pro (and all other Pro series coolers) do not come with RGB fans.  Those are standard ML140 'grey' fans.  All Corsair RGB fans will have two wires -- one for PWM control and one for RGB.  Each goes to a separate controller.  

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