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Corsair vs550 issue

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Hello everyone,
I have a problem with my power supply vs550.
When I put it in the PC and press the power button nothing happens. (I found it in my basement. I am into electronics.)
When I measure voltages everything looks fine. Later, I apply a 5A load across 5V, 12V and 3,3V. 12V and 5V can handle it without problem but when I put it on a 3,3V power supply turns immediately off.
I read somewhere that capacitors can be a problem but I checked them all and they are within the limits.
Can you maybe help me, or tell me what is the problem, please?

P. S.
On power supply says that 3,3V can handle 18A.

Best regards.

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I examine and inspect it a little bit better and found IC that is responsible for overcurrent, high temperature etc. It is TNY177PN.

It's disabling the power MOSFET with the whole system. Now I need to find out why is he shutting down when is a high current on 3,3V (Interesting is that it's shutting 3.3V but not 5V or 12V. Although 12V and 5V have bigger power consumption.).

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