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Windows Install and error code cpuz141_x64.sys

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So I decided to give my Corsair One a big old restore and reset, start fresh. Backed up all my personal files, etc.etc.

Computer is wipe and now reinstalling windows. It gets to 65% then 66% and it gets a Stop Error "CPUZ141_x64.sys"

Then it starts a restart loop, cycling through 66% > Error > Auto-restart > 66% again and again. I've tried recovery and restarting the whole process but three separate times it's gotten to the same point and reached the exact same issue. CPUZ141.

So after some digging I've seen it was a fairly common problem with updating to windows 10 caused by an out of date Corsair Link, or some say delete Corsair Link.

My problem is a unique one however, as I can't just boot up and update or uninstall Corsair Link because I am installing windows. 

Any help on how I can sort this would be amazing!

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