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570X with Elite Capelix 360mm...... on top?


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I have a 570x which I love. I don't want to change it out because while I like some of the new glass cases, I don't like any as much as the 570x. I'm upgrading from an i7 7700k to an i7 12700k and I want to keep this case for the build. The only trouble is, I'd prefer an elite capellix 360mm rad up top, as after watching the gamers nexus video I worry about keeping it on the front with tubes top mounted, as they aren't long enough to reach the bottom. I know this is semi-ok, but not ideal.

My question is, with an extra front tray swapped to the top, will I be able to mount the 360 up there? being a 120mm fan radiator, it should have the same thickness as mounting a 240mm, which should work fine from a clearance perspective.

That said, I had to order some parts, and decided to order an extra front tray and try it for fun. Curious if anyone else has done this with their 570? I poked around and saw some custom setups, but not exactly what I'm thinking of.



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