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XD5 pump sagging with Corsair mount

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I'm using the Corsair XD5 pump/reservoir and the included mount to a 140mm fan. I'm disappointed at just how much the reservoir sags from its own weight. The mounting bracket metal is rather thin and weak, so I'm not super surprised it is doing this. Using the 120mm fan mount (horizontal) doesn't change anything given the pump mount is only held up by one side. Bending the metal so it's back to vertical doesn't last long.

I'm hoping you can tell me I overlooked something on the install and there's a better way to keep the pump completely vertical! 😁



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the tubes pull on it too. the bracket is pretty bendy for sure, but they can't anticipate if it will have to hold just the pump or also 40cm of waterfilled tube pulling on it ^^'


There is still the possibility to bend the bracket back, and let the weight pull the pump straight, or maytbe less brutal : shim the two bottom screws that support the pump on the bracket, to angle it back into place

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This is something that could use some improvement for sure.  At one point I deliberately re-routed my tubing to a top return and constructed it to pull the reservoir back into a vertical alignment.  That's a bit much.  The second paragraph above is a much easier solution and you may be able to hide the shim with other things.  I used a cut piece of 10/16mm soft tubing for this exact purpose about 10 min ago.  

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